Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fruit Smoothie. Is there any other kind?

Today I made a delicious fruit smoothie.

These are the ingredients I used:

2 frozen bananas, cut into chunks
1 1/2 cups frozen blueberries
1 1/2 cups crushed strawberries
1 cup orange juice
1 1/3 cup plain fatfree homemade Greek yogurt

Put all ingredients into a large Cuisinart and process with metal blade for 1-2 minutes or until all the frozen chunks are smooth.  Serve in glasses with a spoon.

This recipe serves four very heartily.

It is easily made smaller if you want a lesser quantity of cold sweet treat...usually I just use one cup each of orange juice, frozen blueberries, fat-free plain yogurt,  and one banana...sometimes throwing in a handful of pulverized flaxseed as well.  The two berries was a special treat.

Blueberry-Srawberry Smoothie on Porch Railing

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