Friday, November 4, 2011

Early Memory of Educational Opportunities: Kindergarten

The earliest educational opportunity I remember was kindergarten which was in the front left corner of the building which is now (in 2011) a building of the Vermont Law School in South Royalton, Vermont.  Only two things really remain in my mind.  The first thing is that either Jimmy Eaton or Johnny Dumville thought I needed bangs so he cut a part of the front of my long hair to form bangs. I do not know where the teacher was, I just remember it was not popular at home.

The second thing I remember is that sometime in the winter I developed pneumonia and had to spent time in the hospital in Randolph, Vermont, the same hospital in which I was born:  Gifford Memorial Hospital.  One one particular day I was looking out of the window at the hospital and saw my mother drive into the parking lot outside my window in the little red Jeep, and then drive right back out again.  I was so terribly disappointed as I was missing her and my brothers and sister and father.  It turned out that she was just parking somewhere else....probably at "Grammie Neill's" house which was just across from the hospital and down the street a few houses. 

Grammie Neill was the mother of my mother's first husband, Douglas Hinman Neill, who was shot down over Tokyo, Japan just a few days before the end of World War II.  I remember her being a lovely lady who treated us children as if we were really her grandchildren.

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